testimonials from participants

"Andrew led a fantastic course, the 2 days covered a breadth of topics extremely relevant for my career. I would recommend this to all aspiring commercial accountants and leaders" Andrew Moore, Scentre

"This is a great course for learning the various aspects of a finance role and that it's not always about just doing the job. I would highly recommend this course to my colleagues" Irini Shnody, Investors Mutual

"It was a good career development course and makes you think of perceptions and your credibility within an organisation" Michael Spiteri, Actron Air

"Affirmed my ideas I have of the commercial world and clarified ways in which I can work to advance my career" David Freedman, George Weston Foods

"Extremely relevant, practical, inspirational and useful. Definitely valuable, not only in the finance world but for personal development as well" Tracy Tudo, Brickworks
"Thanks for addressing an area which is often difficult to find training for. The material is practical and simple to understand" Elaine Chan, Caltex


Appetite to Understand

Blog - The Ancient art of Storytelling


Speak Their Language

Storytelling for Finance People

Development Program - "Compliance to Commercial"

Becoming an effective  Finance Business Partner requires completely different skillsets and behaviours to operate effectively within an organisation to that of an accountant. You have learnt the technical skills, now learn the practical and behavioural skills required to become trusted & respected within an organisation, build your credibility and influence an organisation 

Next Program: November 2018; Sydney
See our promotional video (to the right) and if you are interested in attending our next course please email us at compliancetocommercial@vinceroconsulting.com.au

THE BOOK: Or alternatively feel free to purchase our recently released book "Compliance to Commercial: The QUIET Approach to Finance Business Partnering"

Getting to Yes

Blog - Speak Their Language

The Accountant's Paradox

The QUIET Approach to Finance Business Partnering

Blog - The Ancient art of Storytelling
Blog - Speak Their Language
Blog - Speak Their Language

Keep Things Simple

The problem with Perfectionism

Blog - Keep Things Simple
Blog - The QUIET Approach
Blog - The Ancient art of Storytelling